A Brief Thanks

To start, DO NOT GO TO MY OTHER BLOG. I started it when I was 15, forgot about it for the next half-decade, and found it again about three hours ago, much to my horror. This site is where I will publish my thoughts, writings, and short stories. You’re in the right place. If you are not interested in the thank you’s, skip to the red text.

I want to give a shoutout to the Lewis Center of the Arts at Princeton University for helping me begin this project by providing me with a financial stimulus. I’m currently sitting in the Edna Barnes Salomon Room of the New York Public Library by Bryant Park, which would not be possible without their generous funding.

I also want to give a heartfelt thanks to a few people who have encouraged my art and inspire me every day. First, my family – my dad, who is an enigma I have sought my entire life to understand. My mother, who has the most unwavering work ethic I have ever encountered. My sisters, who outshine me in almost everything they do, be it speech and debate or writing itself (can’t wait to read their own blogs someday).

To my high school theater and music teachers – Jennifer Micarelli Webb, Michael Lapomardo, and Nathan Colby – who have set me on this track and journey, I am infinitely grateful. Without your guidance and support, I may have given up on my pursuits long before I found my passion for them. To the college professors who have inspired me most (so far) – Suzanne Agins, Nathan Davis, Angela Flournoy, Casey Lew-Williams, George Laufenberg, Paul Muldoon, Steven Mackey, Bob Sandberg, and Migdalia Cruz, you are the reason I am not afraid to take the leap and go after what I believe in. Thank you.

Student theater at Princeton fills me with hope regarding what young people have the capability to do. Thank you to the Princeton Triangle Club, PUP, Theatre Intime, and the Playwrights Guild for giving me so many opportunities to write, perform, tech, and generally learn more about the world of theater.

And last but certainly not least, I want to thank my amazing friends. Madelyn Stewich, Ben Harris, Natasha Fern – friends from high school who I hope never to lose – and the wonderful people I’ve met in college – Yash Govil, Jaclyn Hovsmith, Michele Montas, Asher Muldoon, Morgan Carmen, Sophie Evans, Kevin Zou, Jane Blaugrund, Victoria Davidjohn, Glenna Jane Galarion, Abby Spare, and many, many more. I admire each and every one of you in so many endless ways, and a little piece of you is in everything I write.

SO now that those are out of the way…

I’m hoping to publish short stories, poems, and other bits and pieces of writing on this blog as time goes on. I’ll be spending the next two months in New York City doing my own research regarding mental illness, writing, and theater. It’s really very freelance, but intense regarding writing. If you have any thoughts or opportunities to connect with theater or mental health organizations, definitely reach out to me at richardzihanpeng@gmail.com!

There isn’t much more to say at the moment, but check back frequently for content. Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy!

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