Don’t fucking touch me
or I’ll rip your throat out.

You and I don’t go together
so stop trying to pretend you

make me happy, don’t step
closer don’t look at me don’t

Don’t nod your head I don’t need
you to agree with me shut the Fuck

I don’t care if you’re not talking
you’re still too loud I want to

eject every memory of you from my
head and flush you down a toilet

but I’d still be stuck with this nasty
sticky you-shaped puddle of bile

in my gut, in my throat choking me
with my own vomit. The hairs

on my arms grow teeth and gnaw
at your fingers and I want you to

bleed out and fucking die just
stop pointing and fucking Die

nasty nasty feeling with eyes fixed
on the ground, on my shoes

keep walking keep silent keep keep
breathing the gray clouds of grout

I’m trapped in the pipes below a sink
grimy and you’re washing your hands

I just want to sleep just want to sleep
just want to sleep want to sleep want to sleep sleep want